A Guide To The Esquilino, Rome’s Esquiline Hill

A Guide To The Esquilino, Rome’s Esquiline Hill

The Esquiline Hill – simply called Esquilino by locals – is the largest of the seven hills of Rome, covering an area that includes the main transportation hub in the city (Termini Station) and goes all the way to the Colosseum, and where you will find beautiful churches (some definitely more famous than others), markets and other important landmarks.

Thanks to the presence of immigrants from a variety of countries, this is also the most multi-cultural area of Rome, which is reflected in its market too.

While most tourists will explore the bits that are closer to the Colosseum, not many actually venture to see the rest that this area of Rome has to offer. Since I actually used to live there (close to Vittorio Emanuele square), I actually know the area quite well and thought I’d share my knowledge of the area and the places you should visit.

Continue reading to discover the history of the Esquiline Hill and the best places to visit.

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