How To Get Tickets To The Colosseum

How To Get Tickets To The Colosseum

Are you looking for information on how to get tickets to the Colosseum in Rome? Continue reading to find a way that suits you!

You have finally arrived in Rome, the Eternal City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you’ve had a great time till the moment you’ve laid foot there. The Colosseum from a distance looks mighty, and you can’t wait to get in and explore it.

The first questions you may ask are “can you get tickets to the Colosseum at the door?” or “can you buy Colosseum tickets on the day?” and while the answer is plainly yes, it is actually more difficult than that and getting tickets to visit this incredible landmark requires careful planning.

In this post, I will explain where to buy Colosseum tickets, and everything you need to know before visiting the Colosseum. With my tips and guidance, you are guaranteed to have a great time!

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